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Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket) DKG650V

Item Code : 212887
Model : DKG650V


Comparison of temperature increase time with conventional products

Comparison of temperature decrease time with conventional products



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Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket) (DKG650V)

Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket)DKG650V

Product Summary

Reduced heating time to 1/2.5, cooling time to 1/4 (compared with conventional company products), horizontal air flow appropriate for loaded operation, the standard oven for production lines supporting multi power supplies. The product lineup includes a silicon free type.

Features of Industrial Forced Convection Oven (Silicorn/Fluoro-rubber Gasket) (DKG650V)

Standard oven with simple operation whose temperature increase and decrease time has been improved 50% or more compared with conventional products to reduce product takt time.
Temperature increase time has been reduced up to 1/2.5 (at no load, compared with conventional company products), temperature decrease time has also been reduced to 1/4 (at no load, compared with conventional company products). Extensive increase in work efficiency is expected.
Employment of a total exhaust system in which air supply and discharge are linked by operation of the manual damper at the front realizes extensive reduction in temperature decrease time.
The horizontal air flow system ideal for processing samples in a magazine rack or a lot of samples realizes high precision temperature performance even at loaded condition.
Fluoro rubber is employed for shoulder packing to realize silicon free. (DKG610V/650V/810V/850V)
Product lineup includes 610/610V/810/810V for 200 to 220V power supply and 650/650V/850/850V for 230 to 300L 240V to support multiple power supplies.



Item Code 212887
Model DKG650V
Method Forced convection
Operating temperature range Room temp. +30°C to 260°C
Temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature distribution accuracy ±2℃(at 200℃)、±2.5℃(at 260℃)
Time to attain max. temp. Within 45min. from 25°C ->260°C
Temp. decrease time About 30min. from 260°C ->50°C
Air supply/exhaust damper Front operation/manual damper Air supply pipe/exhaust pipe at the rear NSSC180 With exhaust duct
Interior/exterior Stainless steel plate/chrome free electro galvanized steel plate Chemical proof baking finish
Heater and heat insulator SUS pipe heater & glass wool
Heater capacity 230 to 240V 2.6 to 2.83kW
Blower fan Sirocco fan×1
Fan motor Condenser type motor × 1pc
Cable port I.D.: 30mm One at the right side of the main body
Door packing Fluororubber
Air supply port Bottom of heater room (Open/Close with a manual damper)
Damper control Linked air supply / Exhaust with manual knob on the front of the main body
Exhaust port Upper part of rear of the main body: φ80 (Open / Close with a manual damper)
Heater control SSR control
Sensor K-thermocouple (for temp. adjustment, Indivisual overheating prevesion)
Safety unit Self diagnostic function (Temperature sensor error, Heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, Automatic overheat prevention function), Key lock,
Safety unit Program lock, Overheat preventive device, Over current electric leakage breaker, Door switch, Temperature fuse, External alarm terminal
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 600×500×500mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 770×696×985mm
Withstand load of shelf 15 kg / pc.
Shelf support step number 7 steps
Shelf support pitch 60mm
Accessories Shelf 2 pcs.
Accessories Shelf support 4 pcs.
Power Source AC230 to 240V 12-12.5A
Weight 110kg
Remarks(dimensions) 150L

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.


Optional items

Stainless punching metal shelf
Stand (ON62)
Cable port (ODK22-1)
Cable port (ODK23-1)
Temperature output terminal (4-20 mA) (ODK24-1)
External communication function (RS485) (ODK25-1)
External communication adapter (O281563)
Independent overheat prevention device (ODK27-1)
Automatic damper (for DKG)

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