Action Guidelines

All executives and employees of the Yamato Scientific Group, feeling responsibility for, and pride in, the "Yamato" brand and the reputation for reliability that it has cultivated since the company's foundation in 1889, are well aware of their social responsibility and public duty and will act in accordance with these "Action Guidelines" in order to strengthen the bond of trust and credibility that we have established with our customers.

1.Assurance of the quality and safety of our products and services

  1. The Yamato Scientific group will, in its business activities, give primary emphasis to the quality and safety of the products and services for its customers.
  2. We will set up a “Quality Assurance Committee” within the company to continuously strive to improve quality and safety at all stages of our business processes --- research, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and maintenance.

2."Customer-first" management

  1. The Yamato Scientific group will, in its business activities, pursue a "customer-first" management policy in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and credibility.
  2. We will always take the personal initiative to be of service to our customers by conducting ourselves in a professional manner that is based on our wide-ranging experience and technical know-how.
  3. We will strive to improve customer satisfaction by putting ourselves in the position of our customers and listening intently to their every need.

3.Compliance with laws and social norms

  1. The Yamato Scientific group will, in its business activities, maintain an awareness of its social responsibilities and public duties, strictly observe all laws and regulations as a leader for the betterment of society, and act honesty and fairly without deviating from social norms.
  2. We will stand firmly as an organization against anti-social forces that may pose a threat to law and order and the safety of citizens and seek fair and just solutions in accordance with the law and social norms.

4.Respect for our stakeholders

  1. The Yamato Scientific group will, in its business activities, hold its customers, clients, financial institutions, shareholders, and employees in the highest esteem.
  2. In order to maintain the trust and understanding of these stakeholders, we will strive to follow proper accounting and strict internal audit procedures, forthrightly disclose corporate information, and optimize management transparency.

5.Environmental preservation initiatives

  1. The Yamato Scientific group, in order to reduce the burden on the global environment and conduct its business in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, will set up an “Environmental Management Committee" within the company to voluntarily and proactively promote environmental protection as an “environmentally-friendly company”.
  2. We will try to upgrade our technologies and systems at all stages --- research, development, manufacture, distribution, maintenance, recovery, and disposal--- in order to reduce the burden on the environment and provide "environmentally-friendly products" to society.
  3. Each of our employees will proactively engage in environmental protection as an “environmentally-friendly employee"

6.Respect for the human rights and individuality of our employees

  1. The Yamato Scientific Group will ensure the comfort and affluence of its employees while providing a safe, comfortable, and worker-friendly environment.
  2. We will strive for a free and lively work ethic and environment that enables employees to carry out their responsibilities by cooperating with others and respecting the rights and individualities of their fellow workers.
  3. In the recruitment, appointment, and dismissal of our employees, we will make our judgments based on individual capability and suitability and will make selections fairly and without discrimination.

7.Corporate Information Management

  1. The Yamato Scientific group will, in its business activities, obtain all external information by rightful means, keep such information under the strictest control, and only use information that is made available to us in the course of business dealings for carrying out legitimate business pursuits.
  2. We are well aware of the importance of industrial possessive rights, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual properties, and will respect the rights of others while also protecting our own rights and knowledge.
  3. All personal information will be strictly managed in order to protect privacy.