Corporate Vision

Company’s Motto

The company’s established principles are firmly rooted in the philosophy and heritage of the founder since 1889.

Company Philosophy
Keynote Philosophy

Since 1889, we have embraced the philosophy and heritage of the founder Sosuke Morikawa to represent the spirit of “Challenge and Innovation” to build a relationship of “Faith and Trust” with our partners, which has helped us to create a company with “Sincerity and Consideration” to practice product development and business operation.

Management Philosophy (6 major goals)

  1. To create infrastructures and a comfortable environment for research by providing general-purpose scientific instruments and laboratory equipment.
  2. To increase productivity(yield) in the electronics industry by providing measuring inspection and evaluation instruments.
  3. To improve the global environment through measures against hormone disrupters by providing equipment related to the environment and evaluation and analysis technologies.
  4. To be innovative in technologies such as nano-technology structures and physical property evaluation by providing instruments to observe and measure fine processing.
  5. To be innovative life science, such as through creation of drugs from genome technology, by providing separation purification and analytical instruments.
  6. To create new industries and businesses by developing the seeds-of-needs at state-of-the-art R&D sites.