Privacy Policy

The services provided on this Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. website may require you to provide personally identifiable information. We are committed to the protection of such information in accordance with the privacy policy outlined below.

Handling Personal Information

When you are viewing this site, if you would like to request information or have any inquiries, you may be asked to register personally identifiable information. In such cases, the information which the user has kindly provided will be used for purposes mentioned below. In addition to these, information provided on this site may be used as company data for the sole purpose of improving our services.

  • Personal information provided by users in the ‘Contact Us/ Information Request’ forms will be used to respond to questions, comments and fulfill requests for information.
  • Personal information provided by users in the ‘Entry’ form will be used to answer queries and to send information and materials regarding employment seminars and recruitment activities.
  • Personal information provided by users in the ‘Campaigns’ and ‘E-Club’ areas will be used to send information about campaigns and may also be used for confirmation while processing each campaign.

Protection and Management of Personal Information

Our company strictly limits the number of people who have access to personal information to protect against internal misuse. In addition, we take proper precautions to safeguard personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, destruction and alteration.
We may delegate certain parts of the management/operation of this website to a third party. In such cases, an appropriate contract will be negotiated to further protect your personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information provided on this website will not be disclosed to third parties, unless any of the following instances is applicable:

  • If we have received consent from the individual.
  • In cases when our company determines it to be appropriate for any of our affiliated companies to provide support or response to enquiries.
  • When prompted by public institutions such as law enforcement and court orders to disclose such information.

Inquiry, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When our company receives any inquiries or request for correction or deletion of personal information from an individual, we will promptly respond to the request upon confirming their identity.

Changes and Notices Regarding Our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised if the improvement of its contents is deemed necessary.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments related to the contents of this privacy policy, please contact us at