Environmental Principles・Environmental Policy

Environmental Principles

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. in line with its management policy, is committed to the proactive promotion of environmental preservation activities in all aspects of its business activities as it strives for an "Environmental Management" policy capable of sustaining environmental preservation as well as corporate profitability.

Environmental Policy

  1. Compliance with environmental regulations
    We will comply with all environment-related and adhere to the provisions of all official agreements and commitments.
  2. lmprovement of business processes in order to reduce the burden on the environment
    We will eliminate all unjustified, unnecessary, and inconsistent business processes ln order to make more effective use of natural resources and energy and reduce waste.
  3. Promotion of business activities that attempt to reduce the burden on the environment
    We will promote activities that will reduce the burden on the environment throughout all of our business processes: design, procurement, production, sales, distribution, use, recycling, and disposal.
  4. Development of environmentally-conscious products & systems
    We will try to improve technologies that promote environmental preservation and develop products and systems that remain environmentally friendly their lifecycles.
  5. Improvement and deployment of an environmental management system
    We will continue to improve our environmental activities and pollution prevention measures by setting environmental goals and objectives and reviewing them regularly.
  6. Notification and publication of our environmental policy
    We will educate our employees and all other people who work for us, to make them familiar with our environmental policy so that they will act in accordance with its principles. We will also make our environmental policy public.