Clean Room and Germ-free Facilities

High-precision, clean air environment will greatly contribute to reliability and safety of production lines and quality control facilities in all industrial fields including research & development facilities. YAMATO SCIENTIFIC meets the needs for the "optimal environment" including related instruments with our system technologies.

Bio-clean Industrial clean
Class 10
or below
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Injection medicine, pills, instillation, production process of medical instruments and inspection of antibiotics, etc.
  • Medical industry: Operation room, special patient's room, newborn babies' room, clinical laboratory, sterilized animal room, etc.
Semiconductor elements, integrated chips, liquid crystals, discs, condensers, miniature bearings, highly-reliable components for satellites, thin film circuits, etc.
Class 100
Class 1,000 Production process of optical lens, optical transmission assembly, facsimile, plastic lens, etc.
  • Food industry:Meat, brewed products, food process for snack foods, etc.
  • Agriculture & livestock industry:Vegetation of mushrooms, breeding animals for bacteria-free meat, cultivating vegetables, production of agricultural chemicals, cultivation, etc.
Production process of electronic components, computers, electronic measuring instruments, color TV, etc.
Production process of micro-motors, bearings, watches, VCRs.
Production & assembly lines of optical instruments, photo films, watches, cameras, precision ceramic bearings, small relays, gyroscopes, vacuum tubes, vinyl, synthesized resin, etc.