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2020-01-30 6th INTERPHEX Week Osaka 2020 Exhibition

Yamato Scientific will be participating in the 6th INTERPHEX Week Osaka 2020 (Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, research and manufacturing technology exhibition) Exhibition, which will be held over 3 days from February 26th (Wed) - 28th (Fri).

Exhibiting the latest evaporator system, we also provide a variety of product information and suggestions such as scientific equipment, research facility products, analysis / measurement / test equipment, etc. based on video content.

We look forward to your visit to take advantage of this opportunity to be in touch with the latest products and information.

Event Information

6th INTERPHEX Week Osaka 2020


February 26th (Wed) - 28th (Fri), 2020. 10:00 - 18:00
(10:00 - 17:00 on February 28th)


INTEX Osaka, Japan

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Booth
Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, detergents, research and manufacturing technology exhibition (R&D zone)
Building No.2 Booth No. 9-20
Admission Free of charge, register at https://www.interphex-osaka.jp/en-gb.html 
Official Wbsite https://www.interphex-osaka.jp/en-gb.html
To register for a free invitation Please contact our Internatioinal sales Dept.


At our booth

Actual machine display

■ Rotary evaporator system
Rotary evaporator RE202BW + Cooling water circulator CF302L + Diaphragm vacuum pump N802G
■ Flask mixer system
Flask mixer LM200 type + oil bath (reference exhibit) + magnetic stirrer RCT digital

Digital content list

◇ Scientific equipment
■ Rotary evaporator: RE202 series
■ General-purpose cooling water circulator: CF302L
■ Flask mixer: LM100 / 200
■ Fail-safe oven: DGS400
■ CO2 incubator: IP600 / BNA600
■ Research process automation: Smart Robotic Lab Assistant
■ Laboratory washer: AWD series
■ Low temperature and humidity chamber: IX series
■ Plasma reactor: Various products
■ Custom products, various industrial equipment

◇ Analysis and measurement equipment
■ Small absorbance meter: PiCOEXPLORER
■ Bacteria rapid detection device: rapisco
■ Microbial contamination risk monitoring system: ELESTA PixeeMo ™
■ Low concentration gas measurement: Sensor gas chromatograph
■ Non-contact wettability evaluation device: Wettio
■ Animal cell culture fluid automatic analyzer: BioProfile FLEX2
■ Magnetic susceptibility measurement: Nano measure
■ Digital microscope: RH-2000 / 8800
■ Three-dimensional measurement X-ray CT system: TDM series

◇ Research facility products
■ Low air volume type fume hood: DSN-DG03 series
■ Fume hood with motion detection sensor: GF series
■ High-speed supply / exhaust management system: i-Fume® mini
■ Laboratory free design: Labo Cube® Wall
■ Nanoenclosure to prevent exposure of nanomaterial powder: NE1
■ Powder Containment Weighing System: ST1-900
■ Fireproof safe storage: Q-SR-90
■ Support for new establishments and relocations from laboratory planning: Total Lab Consulting
■ Introduction of environmental safety education utilizing VR

* Besides the listed products, we also offer various video contents, so please come to our booth.
* Exhibited items are subject to change without notice.

For more information, please contact:
International Sales Department
Tel: 81-3-5548-7122 / Inquiry Form