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2019-08-13 JASIS 2019 Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show

We are pleased to announce that Yamato Scientific will be participating in the exhibition "Jasis 2019" , which will be held over 3 days from September 4(Wed) to September 6(Fri) [10:00 to 17:00]  at Makuhari Messe.

In addition to new products such as general-purpose scientific instruments and various analytical instruments, we will explain to everyone using digital contents such as proposals for new research facilities.
At the new technology briefing session, we will make many proposals on new products, related technologies, and ideal research environments.
We look forward to welcoming you to researchers who want to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the latest products and information.

Event Information
Event JASIS 2019
Date/Time Sept. 4(Wed.) - Sept. 6(Fri), 2019  10:00-17:00
Venue Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall, Tokyo Japan
Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. Exhibition Booth 6A - 304
Admission Free of charge, register at http://www.jasis.jp/
Official Website http://www.jasis.jp/
To register for a free invitation Please contact our international Sales Department


Exhibit contents <Digital content>


◇Scientific Instrument

■ Rotary evaporator RE202 series
■ Cooling water circulator CF302L
■ Flask mixer LM100 / 200
■ Fail safe oven DGS400
■ CO2 incubator IP600 / BNA600
■ Research process automation: Smart Robotic Lab Assistant
■ Laboratory washer AWD series
■ Low temperature and humidity chamber IX series
■ Plasma reactor
■ Introduction of custom products


Analytical and measurement equipment

■ Small Absorbance Meter PiCOEXPLORER
■ Bacteria rapid detection device rapisco
■ Microbial contamination risk monitoring system ELESTA PixeeMo
■ Low concentration gas measurement Sensor gas chromatograph
■ Non-contact wettability evaluation device Wettio
■ Animal cell culture fluid automatic analyzer BioProfile FLEX2
■ Measurement of magnetic susceptibility Nanomeasure
■ Digital microscope RH-2000 / 8800
■ Three-dimensional measurement X-ray CT system TDM series

◇ Research facilities

■ Low airflow type fume hood DSN-DG03 series
■ Fume hood GF series with motion detection sensor
■ High-speed intake / exhaust management system i-Fume mini
■ Design your laboratory freely: Labo Cube Wall
■ Enclosure for preventing exposure of nanomaterial powder NE1
■ Powder containment weighing system ST1-900
■ Fireproof safe storage Q-SR-90
■ Support for new establishment and relocation from R & D planning: Total lab consulting
■ Introduction of environmental safety education using VR

Many other contents are also available!

* The contents of the exhibition are subject to change without notice.



For more information, please contact:
International Sales Department
Tel: 81-3-5548-7122 / Inquiry Form