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2018-08-24 JASIS 2018 Exhibition

This year at the JASIS 2018 Exhibition, we will be holding our exhibition from Scientific Equipment to the latest Analysis Equipment as well as ‘New Technology’ seminars series over the 3-day period and “Open Solutions Forum”.


We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


Exhibition Information

September 5th (Wed) - September 7th (Fri)                

10:00 - 17:00


Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall      

2-1, Nakase, Maihama-ku, Chiba city, 261-0023, Japan

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. Booth 4B-101
Admission Fee Free
Official Website http://www.jasis.jp/en/


To Be Exhibited:

Scientific Instruments

“Fail-safe” Oven, Rotary Evaporator System, Smart Robotic Lab Assistant, Oven, Laboratory Washer, CO2 Incubator (Water Jacket, Air Jacket), Small Size Plasma Equipment, Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Research Equipment

VAV, Fire-proof Chemical Cabinet, New Research Facilities of Inner Wall Planning, Total Labo Consulting, GF Series Fume Hood, Powder Containment Weighing System

Analysis Equipment

Rapid Detection System for Microbial Contamination Risk Monitoring, Laser Diffraction/Scattering Particle Distribution Analyzers, Three-Dimensional Measuring X-Ray CT Scanner, Sensor Gas Chromatograph, Non-contact Wettability Assessment Equipment, Digital Microscope



New Technology Seminars: https://www.jasis.jp/regist/en/newtecsrch.php

IoT for laboratory equipment. Examples of wireless systems and product development

Date/Time: September 5th (Wed) 11:4512:10

Room: A-11

Air supply and exhaust system ensuring both safety and energy saving for laboratory.

Date/Time: September 5th (Web) 13:4014:30

Room: N-4

Cutting edge of particle analysis! Magnetism indicates the difference of same size particles.

Date/Time: September 6th (Thu) 10:2510:50

Room: A-7

VOC reduction inside car is an urgent task! High sensitivity VOC measurement enables screenings.

Date/Time: September 6th (Thu) 13:0513:30

Room: A-10

Enables rapid evaluation of microbial contamination risk in various manufacturing processes.

Date/Time: September 6th (Thu) 15:4516:10

Room: N-1

Wettability evaluation for gel, cells, super hydrophilic and super water repellent materials

Date/Time: September 7th (Fri) 10:2510:50

Room: N-2

Safety control in R&D operations. - Securing safety in "Try and Error" –

Date/Time: September 7th (Fri) 13:5514:45

Room: N-4

Open Solutions Forum: https://www.jasis.jp/en/seminar/osf.html

3D X-Ray CT Scanner visualizes various data in battery fields

Date/Time: September 7th (Fri) 11:4512:10

Place: Open Solutions Forum Area, Exhibition Hall 4

Various customized equipment from R&D to the production use!

Date/Time: September 7th (Fri) 15:2515:50

Place: Open Solutions Forum Area, Exhibition Hall 4

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