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2013-08-22 JASIS2013 Yamato Scientific New Technology Seminars

Along with our booth at JASIS2013 which will display a combination of analytical instruments, scientific instruments and products for research, we will also be conducting a series of seminars on ‘New Technology'. 

New Technology Seminars:

1) Introduction to the new powder containment hood 'Nano Enclosure' (25 mins)
For safe containment when handling nanomaterials in powder form, a new specially designed tabletop enclosure will be presented. 

Date/Time : 4th September (Wed) 10:30 to 10:55
Venue : APA Hotel Resort (Tokyo Bay Makuhari) A-6 
Presented by : Toshiyuki Matsushita

2) A proposed humanoid robot which supports bio-technological research, making work layout flexible and efficiently reproduced (25mins)
An example of sample preparation reproduced by a humanoid robot, for Epigenome analysis requiring complex operations, will be shown. 

Date/Time : 5th September (Thur) 14:30 to 14:55
Venue : APA Hotel Resort (Tokyo Bay Makuhari) A-3
Presented by : Masatoshi Tsuchiya .

3) Introduction to the Yamato Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. CM (Construction Management) (25 mins)
An overview of the management method used for integrated operation including design planning of a research facility/renovation to operation and maintenance.

Date/Time : 6th September (Fri) 13:10 to 13:35 
Venue : Hotel New Otani Makuhari N-1 (Stellar)
Presented by : Katsuhiro Matsumura

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