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2013-07-03 Maintenance Tip 2: Decreasing Frost in your Low Temperature Incubator (IN Series)

On the rare occasion that the amount of frost in your incubator increases, there are a few simple points that can be easily checked and remedied. The most basic cause of increased frost is opening and closing the incubator door frequently and should be avoided as much as possible. Furthermore, the environment where the incubator is placed is also a key point so, avoid keeping your incubator near a cooling source such as an air conditioner. 

Checking the cable port of the incubator is also important. To prevent an increased amount of frost from forming, when the cable port is not in use, ensure that it is kept closed and while the cable port is in use, using a silicone stopper will seal off any existing gaps.

As a general precaution against frosting in your incubator, we recommend setting the ‘Cycle Defrost Operation'. For more information on setting this operation, please refer to your operation manual.

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