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2013-03-21 Special Sales Campaign for BV100/200 (2nd Notice) Low Constant Temperature Water Bath (equipped with Peltier Device)

We will continue to hold this special sales campaign until the end of June 2013 or until it's sold out. Our special promotion price and the excellent quality will surely make you satisfied! By all means, please take this wonderful opportunity!!

Main features of the BV100/200:

  • ・Temp. Range: 0 to 80℃
  • ・Temp. Distribution Range: ±0.1 (at water temp. 20℃/room temp. 20℃)
  • ・Freon-free
  • ・Low Vibration with Peltier Device
  • ・Programmable

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International Sales Department
Tel: 81-3-5639-7076 / Inquiry Form