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2012-08-28 JASIS2012 Exhibit

Yamato Scientific Co. Ltd. will be participating in the JASIS2012, to be held over 3 days at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, from September 5th (Wed) to September 7th (Fri) 10:00~17:00. 
At our booth, we will be conducting our exhibit as both a scientific equipment manufacturer and a trading company. In addition, we will be introducing a combination of analytical instruments, scientific equipment and products for research facilities. 
We would like to invite you to the exhibition and we look forward to you visiting us at our booth.


Exhibition Information
Exhibition JASIS2012
Date & Time September 5th (Wed)~September 7th (Fri) 
Venue Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 5
Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Booth
Admission Fee Free (admission by pre-registration through website)
Official Website http://www.jasis.jp/2012/index.html
Registration for free
Please contact the International Sales Departmen


Exhibition Products
◆Scientific Equipment

Water Purifiers, Inverter Chiller for Analysis, Inverter Chiller, Eco-Incubator 
Vacuum Dryer, Vacuum Pump, Peristaltic Pump, Plasma Equipment, Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Cleaner etc.
◆Products for Research Facilities

Powder Weighing Containment System, New Model Nano Enclosure
Glove Box for Bioclean Dispensing (prototype)
Low Airflow Fume Hood, Fume Hood Equipped with a Photocatalyst
Movable Biological Safety Cabinet (prototype), PM.2.5 Conditioning Chamber (prototype)
Steel Laboratory Table, Stand for Analysis Equipment
◆Analytical Instruments

3D Measuring X-Ray CT Scanner, Particle Analyser, Containment System for Particle Analyser Thermal Analyser, HPLC 
Tabletop Electron Microscope, Digital Microscope, Surface Profiler, pH meter


■JASIS2012 Yamato Scientific New Technology Seminars

The New Technology seminars will be conducted on 5 topics, which will be informative to all who attend. Please feel free to join us at these seminars.

1) Introduction to system integration services for Japanese companies who will have laboratories located overseas (25mins)

Simultaneous Japanese/ English translationAs a result of the domestic electrical power issue and exchange rate, overseas projects of Japanese companies are on the rise.

Date and time: September 5th (Wed) 12:40~13:05
Venue: Hotel New Otani Makuhari N-3
Lecturer: Mr. Mamoru Segawa
2) The role of compliance support (from validation to occupational health and safety)   (25 mins)

The importance of compliance and operation for R&D, production, QA・QC and equipment Control.
Creating an efficient system which complies with regulations for equipment/ management and operation of equipment. 

Date and time: September 5th (Wed) 15:10~15:35
Venue: APA Hotel and Resort (Tokyo Bay Makuhari) A-5
Lecturer: Mr. Kozo Onishi 
3) Introduction to deodorization, decontamination and equipment cleaning using a photocatalyst (25 mins)

An introduction to a product which performs photocatalytic decomposition efficiently using a photocatalytic ceramic filter and strong ultraviolet rays. 

Date and time: September 6th (Thurs) 13:10~13:35
Venue: APA Hotel and Resort (Tokyo Bay Makuhari) A-3
Lecturer: Mr. Katsuhiro Matsumura
4) Generation and applications of atmospheric-pressure plasma(25mins)

Under atmospheric-pressure, room temperature gas plasma can be generated and it is possible for various chemical reactions to take place.  
This can be used for the surface treatment of polymeric materials (cleaning/ashing), FPD-related glass cleaning and surface cleaning treatment (oxidation or reduction etc.)

Date and time: September 7th (Fri) 11:10~11:35
Venue: APA Hotel and Resort (Tokyo Bay Makuhari) A-3
Lecturer: Mr. Hiroshi Okawa
5) A proposal of a principle and system of vacuum drying to effectively remove moisture from Li-ion rechargeable batteries/capacitors (50 mins)

Vacuum drying equipment is used for the removal of moisture from Li-ion batteries/capacitors as their character does not allow moisture to be contained inside. 
A system using equipment which makes the takt time shorter in the production process will be introduced. 
Image samples from an X-Ray CT will also be introduced. Battery-related cases will be presented.

Date and time: September 7th (Fri) 12:15~13:05
Venue: Hotel New Otani Makuhari N-3
Lecturer: Mr. Hiroyuki Tachibana
For more information, please contact:
International Sales Department
Tel: 81-3-5639-7076 / Inquiry Form