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2012-05-24 Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing, Evaluation and Analysis Seminar

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. will be hosting a seminar regarding lithium-ion battery manufacturing, evaluation and analysis, as detailed below. As a manufacturer as well as a trading company in the market, our company offers a variety of manufacturing facilities and evaluation/analysis equipment. At the seminar, we would like to introduce the latest equipment and their applications, which will hopefully assist in providing a deeper understanding of your research subject. 
We would like to invite you to attend the seminar and thank you for your continued support.

Seminar Program
13:05 -14:05 Introduction of HORIBA products used for rechargeable battery evaluationz
Presentation by: Horiba, Ltd.
14:05-14:45 Introduction of battery assembly facilities for R&D
Presentation by: Nagano Automation Co., Ltd.
15:00 -15-40 In-situ observation of cathode/ anode surfaces during charging and discharging.
Presentation by: Lasertec Corporation
15:40 -16:40 Analysis of rechargeable lithium-ion battery electrolyte degradation by UPLC/MS
Presentation by: Waters Corporation
16:40 -17:20 X-Ray CT Scanner for observation and evaluation of lithium-ion batteries
Presentation by: Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
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