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Handy Aspirator WP-15

Item Code : 242424
Model : WP-15

Handy Aspirator (WP-15)

Handy AspiratorWP-15

Product Summary

Water circulation type handy aspirator

Features of Handy Aspirator (WP-15)

It is a highly safe, durable aspirator that greatly improves exhaust performance and suppresses noise.
The water tank is made of polypropirene resin
It reduces noise generated when water is forced to circulate, enabling quiet operation
The aspirator unit and the water tank are divided, maintenance and inspection are easy. In addition, a large inlet 210 x 130 mm is provided to insert a throw-in type cooler, which can easily cool the circulating water an maintain a strong suction force
Vacuum degree can be set by attaching a vacuum regulator (Option)
The motor has an over current protection device and a safety cover is attached



Item Code 242424
Model WP-15
Ultimate pressure Depends on stream pressure at operating temperature
Ultimate vacuum 1.2kPa(9.2Torr)at 10℃
Ultimate vacuum 2.3kPa(17.5Torr)at 20℃
Ultimate vacuum 4.2kPa(31.8Torr)at 30℃
Discharge rate 50Hz 11〜13L/min×2
Discharge rate 60Hz 12〜14L/min×2
Aspirator O.D. 12mm (metal) x 2
Water tank Polypropyrene resin made  10L
Circulation pump 80W self-suction type Polypropyrene resin made
Vacuum controller (with pressure gauge) can be attached(Option)
Drainage method Natural drainage by overflow
Suction port size O.D. 12mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 360×250×360mm
Power Source AC100V 2/2.3(50/60Hz)A
Weight 9kg
Price -


When aspirating organic solvents etc., use circulating water over-low. In that case, a drainage port is required below the installation place of this device.