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Item Code : 300010
Model : PAS-110-YU


Product Summary

The PiCOEXPLORER eliminates critical bottlenecks in laboratory processes.

Features of PiCOEXPLORER (PAS-110-YU)

Free Up Dedicated Resources
* use anywherer, on a bench, under a hood
* Quick results on one-off analyses
Mobile App Connectivity
* Bluetooth enabled
* free app for quick results on your mobile devices
No Pippettes or Cuvettes
* analyze directly in unopened PCR Tube
* reduced contamination risk
* no sample loss
Super Affordable, Productive
* no special consumables
* multiple PiCOEXPLORERs at critical process points eliminate bottlenecks
* compact and light weight



Item Code 300010
Model PAS-110-YU
No. of sample 1 sample
Measurment time 1 second or more
Measurment absorbance range 0.02 or more (Gentian violet dilute solution)
Sensor unit White LED (Detector : color sensor)
Communication interface Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth smart) Class 2
Compatible tablet Android 5.0 or later, iOS 9.1 or later
Recommended PCR tube Cap type : Flat, Volume : 0.2 ml
Minimum sample volume 30 microL
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 70×150×30mm
Power Source 4.5V DC (3 AAA-type batteries)
Weight 0.2kg