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Diaphragm vacuum pump PG302

Item Code : 255160
Model : PG302

Diaphragm vacuum pump (PG302)

Product Summary

Chemical type diaphragm type, use PTFE parts resistant to corrosion resistance

Features of Diaphragm vacuum pump (PG302)

It is excellent in corrosion resistance and is suitable for sucking gas containing organic solvent
The ultimate pressure has reached 1,000 Pa while being compact and lightweight.
Maintenance is easy.
Flow rate setting from 15L to 30L is possible by adopting a DC motor (special dedicated controller is required separately).
Supports multi range with AC 100 V to 240 V (Power cable is required separately except for 100 V).



Item Code 255160
Model PG302
Intake pipe diameter Outer diameter 9 × inner diameter 5 mm (G 1/4)
Operating ambient temperature range 5 to 40℃
Effective pumping speed 15 to 30 l / min (Rated fixing 30)
Motor AC 100 to 240 V brushless DC motor with sensor
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 142×289×217mm
Power Source AC100V
/220V Single phase with step-down transformer
Weight 5.5kg

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.

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