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N2 Gas Generator NF300

Item Code : 301031
Model : NF300


Simple operation

Pressure / Flow rate adjustment and Flow meter

Input output terminals Operation output / Error output / Remote input

Example of installing with Clean oven Model: DT300

Relationship between Flow rate and N2 Gas purity

Example of installing Reaching time of the specified N2 Gas purity with Clean oven Model : DT300

N2 Gas Generator (NF300)

N2 Gas GeneratorNF300

Product Summary

High purity N2 gas (99~99.99%) can be generated by PSA method.

Features of N2 Gas Generator (NF300)

High purity N2 gas (99~99.99%) generator
All automatic easy operation with just pressing the switches.
Space-saving design.
High-purity (99~99.99%) and Dry (–60℃ or less) N2 gas can
be obtained.
Equipped with high reliability compressor.
Standard equipped casters can easy transport.
Applications sample: LC/MS FTIR ICP/MS, column drying, concentration of extraction liquid, storage cabinet humidity
control etc.



Item Code 301031
Model NF300
Method Adsorbent PSA method
N2 gas purity 99~99.99% *
N2 gas generating volume Max. 10 NL/min
N2 gas pressure 0.05~0.3MPa
N2 gas dew point -60℃
Surrounding temp. / humidity Temp. 5~35℃ / 10~80%RH (No Condensation)
Flow meter 0.5 - 10.0 NL/min, Mass flow meter
N2 gas circulation port O.D. 6mm, One-touch fitting
N2 gas sampling port 0.3MPa, 200mL/min (Rc 1/4)
Maintenance announcement 4000 hrs. / 8000 hrs.
Input / output Operation output / Error output / Remote input
Compressor power consumption 50Hz:288W 60Hz:336W
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 400×400×850mm
Power Source AC100V 3.9A
Breaker capacity 15A、 Power source(50/60Hz) AC100V  3.9A/4.2A
Weight 73kg

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.