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Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable) IN804

Item Code : 211280
Model : IN804


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Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable) (IN804)

Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable)IN804

Product Summary

Best selling incubator for low temperature tests and environmental tests

Features of Low Temperature Incubator (Programmable) (IN804)

Standard low temperature incubator
Available for wide variety of applications from various constant temperature tests to environmental tests
Forced circulation with a fan enables high accuracy temperature control and even temperature distribution
Employment of a large dual-glass door which, with the inner door, forms a triplex glass to improve temperature heat retention(IN604W)
The glass inner door keeps temperature changes during observation samples minimum



Item Code 211280
Model IN804
System Forced air convection
Operating Temperature Range -10~50℃
Temperature Adjustment Accuracy ±0.3℃(when refrigerator is in continuous operation), ±1.0℃(when refrigerator is in cycle operation)
Temperature Distribution Accuracy ±1.0℃(at 37℃ refrigerator is in continuous operation)
Max. Temperature Reaching Time 20~50℃ approx. 30min.
Lowest Temperature Reaching Time 20~-10℃ approx. 65min.
Interior Stainless Steel
Exterior Chrome-free electronic galvanized plated steel plate chemical-proof baking finish
Heat Insulation Material Stylene foam (non-freon)
Refrigerator Medium R404a
Defrosting Mechanism Manual ON / Auto OFF, Timer operation, Cycle operation
Blower Axial flow fan
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater 750W
Sensor Double sensor:Pt. resistance temperature detector, Pt100Ω(Temperature controller), K-thermocouple(Overheat prevention device)
Cable Port 32mm ID (Right side from the front)
Temperature Control PID control
Temperature Setting Digital setting with▲▼ key
Temperature Display Measured temperature: 4-digit orange LED digital display+ VFD fluorescent display
Timer/Timer Resolution 0~999 hrs. 59min. / 1min.
Operation Function Fixed operation, Program operation, Auto stop, Auto start
Additional Function Timer function(accumulated time to 49,999 hrs.), Calibration off-set function, Clock display
Safety Device Self-diagnostic functions(Temperature sensor error, Heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, Main relay error, Automatic overheat prevention), Key-lock, Over current ELB, Overheat preventive device
Shelf Loading Capacity 15kg/shelf
Shelf support step number 23 steps
Shelf support pitch 30mm
Shelf / Support Stainless steel punching metal 5 shelves / 10 supports
Room Light / Service Outlet -
Program Mode Up to 32 steps, Repeat, Gradient operation
Door Key -
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 600×477×1000mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 710×645×1630mm
Remarks(dimensions) 286L
Power Source AC115V/220V
Single phase
Weight 120kg

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.


Optional items

Stainless steel punching metal shelf (1 shelf with 2 supports) (IN81800)
External communication function (RS422A) (for IN series)
External communication adapter (RS232C) (OIN70)
Temperature output terminal (for IN series)
External alarm terminal (for IN series)
Time-up output terminal (for IN series)
Drain water tray (OIL26)
Stainless steel wire shelf (1 shelf with 2 supports) (for incubator)

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