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Cooling Water Circulator CFE820

Item Code : 221561
Model : CFE820

Cooling Water Circulator (CFE820)

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Features of Cooling Water Circulator (CFE820)



Item Code 221561
Model CFE820
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 620×440×600mm
Power Source AC115V/AC220V
Single-phase with step down transformer
Weight 65kg
Circulation Type External Closed Circulation
Operating Temperature Range -20 deg.C to 20 deg.C
Temp. adjustment accuracy JTM K05/ Temp. fluctuation JIS (Load) ±0.5 deg.C (JTM K05) at -20 deg.C / 1.6 deg.C ( JIS) at -20 deg.C
Cooling Capacity Approx. 1,100W at Liquid temp. 0 deg.C, Approx. 730W (559kcal/h) at Liquid temp. -10 deg.C, Approx. 270W (215kcal/h) at Liquid temp. -20 deg.C
External circulation capacity pump max flow 8.2/9.5L/min (50/60Hz)
External circulation capacity pump head 9.5/13m (50/60Hz)
External circulation system number 1 system
External circulation nozzle Rc3/8 with stop valves (Hose nipples are optional)
Temp. control Refrigerator inverter frequency control, Refrigerator ON/OFF operation (depends on the conditions, 3 minutes)
Temperature Sensor T thermocouple
Temp. setting / display Digital setting/display
Refrigerator Air cooling sealed rotary type, 700W
Refrigerant R407C
Cooling coil material Nickel plated copper
Circulation pump Magnet pump 125W
Ambient temperature range (during operation) 5 deg.C to 35 deg.C
Safety functions Over current electrical leakage breaker, Refrigerator over load relay, Overheating (30 deg.C or more), Refrigerator high pressure relay, Pump thermal protector, Delay timer for protecting refrigerator, H bypass for protecting pump, Inverter overload protecting circuit
Other functions Drain cock, Dust prevention filter, Water level gauge, Drain pan for overflow/circulation nozzle, Calibration offset function
Water tank Dimensions W245 x D315 x H184mm
Water tank material SUS304
Tank capacity 14L (liquid volume 13L)
Accessories Lid, Drain pan for overflow and circulation


Optional items

Circulation insulation hose (CF, CFI Series)
Straight circulation nozzle φ13 R3 / 8 (OCL60)
Straight circulation nozzle φ 10.5 R 3/8 (OCL10)
Straight circulation nozzle φ16 R3 / 8 (OCL20)
Circulation heat insulation hose (high insulation type, I.D., 6mm, 2m X 2) (OCF56 )
Hose nipple (O.D., 8mm Rc3/8) (OCF58)
Heat-resistant circulation hose (2m. X 2pcs., 9mm dia, height heat-resistant spec) (OCF62)
Hose set for connecting products (OCF64)
External interlocking terminal (OCF50)
Temperature output terminal (OCF52)
External alarm terminal (OCF54)
Buchi product interlocking cable (OCF60)
Exhaust fan connection terminal (OCF66)

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