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Cooling Water Circulator (Externally-closed Circulation) CF800

Discontinued Product

Item Code : 221527
Model : CF800

Left side CF301 right side CF800

Cooling curve

Control panel

Drain / overflow

Cooling Water Circulator (Externally-closed Circulation) (CF800)

Cooling Water Circulator (Externally-closed Circulation)CF800

Product Summary

Closed system and water saving with excellent cooling capacity

Features of Cooling Water Circulator (Externally-closed Circulation) (CF800)

Environment friendly coolant used for refrigeration.
Waterproof touch panel with big LED display and sheet key for easier setting.
Less energy use and less cooling capacity loss by fixing the heat-resistant lid.
Powerful cooling and big energy saver in combination with Rotary Evaporator distillation.
When using CF800/810 up to 4 Rotary Evaporators can be connected saving investment and operation cost.



Item Code 221527
Model CF800
Circulation type Closed circulation
Operational ambient temperature 5 to 35°C
Operating temp. range -20°C to Room temperature
Cooling capacity 1050W (830Kcal/h) at liquid temp. 10oC, 910W (780Kcal/h) at liquid temp. 0oC, 670W (570Kcal/h) at liquid temp. -10oC
Temp. control Refrigerator ON/OFF control
Temp. sensor T-Thermocouple (with SUS Protection Tube)
Temp. setting / Display Digital setting / LED display
Refrigerator Air cooling, 600W
Refrigerant R404A
Circulation pump Magnet pump 65/65W
Circulation capacity (50/60Hz), Max. flow rate, Pump max. flow rate 10.0 / 11.8L/min(22.0 / 22.0L/min)
Circulation capacity (50/60Hz), Max. lift, Pump max. lift 10.3 / 14.3m(10.0 / 13.5m)
Cooling Coil Nickel plated copper
External circulation nozzle O.D. 10.5mm for in and out with hose nipple
Safety device Electric leakage breaker, Refrigerator over load relay, Pump thermal protector, Refrigerator-protection delay timer
Other functions Drain, over flow
Water bath material SUS304
Water bath capacity 16L (Liquid amount 14L)
Accessories Circulation hose (1.5m) ×2, Wire clamp×2, Cover
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 350×480×1240mm
Remarks(dimensions) Water bath dimension ø300×H235mm
Power Source AC220V 7A
Single-phase with step down transformer
Weight 54kg

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.

Optional items

Circulation insulation hose (CF, CFI Series)
Straight circulation nozzle (CF Series)
Straight circulation nozzle (CF Series)
Straight circulation nozzle φ13 R3 / 8 (OCL60)
Straight circulation nozzle (CF Series)
One touch fixing holder (CF Series)
One touch fixing holder (CF Series)
One touch fixing holder (CF Series)
One touch fixing holder (CF Series)
Cast fixing holder (OBH24)
4 caster stop holder

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