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Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation) WG252

Item Code : 253165
Model : WG252


Two independent dispensers for water sampling according to various scenes

Easy-to-operate dispenser

"Patent pending for dripping control" for marking line alignment in semi-automatic water sampling mode

7-inch LCD touch panel system

Useful consumables management functions

Membrane filter

Trend graph

Water sampling table with drainage function (water sampling sink)

Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation) (WG252)

Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation)WG252


Product Summary

Convenient and large capacity type compliant with water quality A4

Features of Water Purifier (Ion-exchange + Distillation) (WG252)

Two independent dispensers for water sampling according to various scenes
Handy type dispenser method
Able to easily collect water by holding the controller in your hand.
The dispenser is divided into two parts, ion-exchanged water (A4 water level) and distilled water (A4 water level), so it can be used according to various scenes.
Easy-to-operate dispenser
Separate dispensers for ion-exchanged water and distilled water are available.
A water sampling switch can be easily controlled and sampled by the controller.
(The amount of distilled water can be changed easily .)
"Patent pending for dripping control" for marking line alignment in semi-automatic water sampling mode
In water sampling mode, fixed-quantity water sampling (automatic stop at a fixed amount).
Continuous water sampling (continuing to sample water until it stops), and semi-automatic water sampling (distilled water only) feature has been improved. In the semi-automatic water sampling mode,
water is automatically sampled up to the set amount of water, and then dripping water is sampled near the arrival. (The amount of water can be changed during operation in the dripping mode.)
7-inch LCD touch panel system
Visibility and operability have been improved.
Useful consumables management functions
Displays the replacement history of consumables such as ion resin, and the replacement method with figures and explanations.
In addition, it will notify you of consumables advance notice (replace soon) and replacement notice (replace), so customers can manage consumables smoothly. (The notification cycle can be set.)
Trend graph
It is able to display the trend graph of water quality and temperature.
It may also graph consumables replacement notifications and error occurrence information. (You can also set the sampling period.)
For data, CSV output is possible via USB.
Easy replacement of Ion exchange resin
Ion exchange resin can be easily replaced with a one-touch joint.
It is also possible to add two cartridges to reduce the frequency of cartridge replacement. (WG1012 standard is 2 cartridges).
Accessibility has been improved by separating the daily maintenance part on the left side and the service part on the right side.
Better design
The width and depth have become more compact. It can be installed in a small space.
WG251:W600×D660×H780mm → WG252:W540×D570×H775mm



Item Code 253165
Model WG252
Water purifying method Ion exchange → distillation → filtration
Sampled pure water method Ion-exchanged water / distilled water
Distilled water production About 1.5L / h
Amount of distilled water collected ~ Approximately 2.5 L / min (with variable flow rate function) * 2
Ion-exchanged water sampling amount Approximately 1.0 L / min (without variable flow rate function) * 2
Collection capacity setting range 0.01 ~ Tank water storage L / Continuous water sampling * 3
Condenser Hard glass
Heater Ceramic heater 1.2kW
Pretreatment cartridge 0.1 μm hollow fiber membrane + activated carbon (PWF-1)
Ion exchange resin cartridge 1 CPC-S 4L type (cartridge with activated carbon)
Distilled water / ionized water final filtration 0.1μm×2
leak detection Forced shutoff of water supply solenoid valve by leak detection sensor at the time of leak
Distilled water storage tank 30L polyethylene tank
Distilled water UV sterilization Optional
Water sampling sink Push-open type, load capacity: 10 kg, 5 L for beakers with hands
Multipurpose distilled water sampling port For Φ8 hard tube connection (right side of the main body)
Standard raw water pressure range 0.05~0.5 MPa
Standard Raw water requirement Approx. 2.0 L/min
Standard ambient temperature range 5~35 ℃
Function Distilled water tank water level display 1L unit
Distilled water tank full water setting 2,10,20,30L
Display / setting Water quality display Conductivity / resistivity (switching)
Display / Settings Other displays Notification: Consumables replacement / Periodic maintenance, Alarm: Water outage / Trend data recording impossible / Power failure / Distilled water quality deterioration, Abnormal: Controller / Water leakage / Heater overheating / disconnection / Tank water level gauge / Boiler water level, Water level gauge / Boiler drainage route / Cooling water / Water quality meter / Water sampling pump, / Ion exchanged water flow rate decrease / Water sampling route
Accessories 1 water supply hose (2 m), 1 water supply hose filter, 1 connection hose assembly, 1 can stone cleaner, 1 pretreatment cartridge, 1 ion exchange resin cartridge, 1 air vent filter, 2 membrane filters , 2 filter covers, 2 magnet hooks, 1 copy of instruction manual (operation / structure), 1 warranty
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 540×570×775mm
Power Source AC220V
Single phase with step-down transformer
Weight 63kg


Optional items

Water supply port unit (OWH10)
Pre-treatment cartridge (PWF-1)
Membrane filter (MFRL727)
Connection unit G (GWL100)
Stand (AS250)
Water sampling hose OWG24 hose length 2m (OWG24 )
Ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S)
Tank air vent filter (AVF-1)
*UV sterilizing lamp (OWG20)
Raw water pressure reduction valve (OWG48)
Drain trap (OWI11)
UV sterilizing lamp (OWG28)

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