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Overheating Prevention Device TS101

Item Code : 583719
Model : TS101

Overheating Prevention Device (TS101)

Product Summary

Prevent overheat during operation beforehand. The device reliably shuts off unit power.

Features of Overheating Prevention Device (TS101)

●Simply connect this product to your constant temperature oven or constant temperature water tank to prevent overheat.

●A sheath sensor with temperature sensing part of 2m in length is available in addition to the standard sensor with temperature sensing part of 200 mm and you can set it at variety of places including an oven (optional).

●The product employs a dual monitor system allowing monitoring the heat prevention sensor temperature in addition to the overheat prevention set temperature.

●If an abnormality occurs, the product shuts down the target unit and inform the user with error indication and audible buzzer sound.

●Useful key lock function is available to enable locking the set temperature.



Item Code 583719
Model TS101
Temp. setting range 0deg.C to 500 deg.C
Temp. display range -200deg.C to 1300deg.C
Temp. detection accuracy ±1deg.C
Power breaking capacity AC100V 50/60 Hz 14.5A Single phase
Temp. setting system Digital setting with up/down keys
Temp. display system Digital display for sensor and set temperatures
Recovery system after detecting overheat Manual (Turn POWER switch ON after returning to normal from overheating condition.)
Overheat temp. detection Shutting off power of the target device/alarm with a buzzer alternately displays Er07 and the sensor detection temperature on the measured temperature display
Temp. sensor/temp. sensor protective tube Sheath type K thermocouple/3.2 mm dia x length of 200 mm (encapsulated in a SUS316 protective tube)
Temp. sensor/temp. sensor protective tube a-contact 250V 3A
Connecting system of target device 3P power outlet
Safety function Internal fuse & self diagnostic function (abnormal input temperature/memory error)
Exterior/interior Chrome free electro galvanized cupper plate, chemical proof baking finish, stainless steel plat
Accessories Sheath type K thermocouple (soaked part: 200 mm) x 1, main unit securing clamp x 1
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 150×210×155mm
Power Source AC115V/AC220V
Single-phase with step down transformer
Weight 3.5kg

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.


Optional items

Additional sensor (K thermocouple) (OTS10)

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