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Rotary evaporator RE202

Item Code : 255352
Model : RE202

Glassware set A (Option)

Glassware set B (Option)

Rotary evaporator (RE202)

Product Summary

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Features of Rotary evaporator (RE202)

Easy height adjustment with the jack handle.

Glass set and bath can be recombined left and right.

Intuitive operability, wide rotation speed range.

Improved durability of vacuum seal with liquid accumulation prevention structure.

AC adapter is stored neatly.

Two easy-to-care baths

Condenser insulation is included as standard equipment (common to glassware sets A and B)

A sample introduction tube cover prevents backflow of condensate (Glassware set B) *Patent pending



Item Code 255352
Model RE202
Condenser Type Type A (diagonal) / Type B (vertical)
Rotation number control range 5 to 315rpm encoder type digital setting and display
Motor DC brushless motor
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 529×324×534mm
Remarks(dimensions) RE202 + glassware set (A) *Jack maximum position : H734mm
Power Source AC100V 1A
Weight 9kg
Remarks(weight) (Rotary evaporator body : Approx. 7 kg + Glassware set : Approx. 2kg)
Price -


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