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Natural Convection Oven (Programmable) DVS603

Item Code : 212895
Model : DVS603


Natural Convection Oven (Programmable) (DVS603)

Product Summary

Program operation for 6 patterns of natural convection is possible

Features of Natural Convection Oven (Programmable) (DVS603)

Operation and functions
The set temperature, measured temperature, and overheat prevention set temperature can be displayed at the same time, and the program operation, quick auto stop,
auto stop, and auto start functions can be set with simple key input.
Operation and functions
Equipped with 6 patterns of program controllers (30 steps x 1, 15 steps x 2, 10 steps x 3).
Operation and functions
Equipped with sub-functions such as overheating prevention temperature setting, calibration offset function, key lock function, and program repeat function.
Safety measures
Self-diagnosis circuit (temperature sensor error, heater disconnection, memory error, internal communication error, temperature input circuit error, automatic overheating prevention function, SSR short circuit), overheating prevention device, overcurrent leakage breaker, and other safety functions are available.

Remarks :
If a sample that generates heat is placed in the oven, the temperature may not be controlled normally.



Item Code 212895
Model DVS603
Method Natural gravity convection
Operating temp. range Room temp.+5~260℃
Temp. control accuracy ±1℃(at 260℃)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±5℃(at 260℃)
Max. temp. reaching time Approx. 90 min.
Interior material Stainless steel
Exterior material Electrogalvanized steel sheet paint
Heat insulating material Glass wool
Heater Stainless pipe heater
Heater 1.36kW
Observation window 250×280 mm Chemically strengthened glass×3
Cable hole 30 mm l.D.×1 pcs.(right side)
Exhaust port 30 mm l.D.×2 pcs.(on top)
Temp. controller P.I.D. control
Temp. setting method Digital setting method using the dedicated operation menu key and ▲ ▼ key
Temp display method Measurement temperature display: Green LED digital display (resolution: 1 ° C) Set temperature display: Red LED digital display (resolution: 1 ° C)
Timer 0 minutes to 99 hours 59 minutes and 100 to 999 hours 50 minutes (timer weight function, ON / OFF possible)
Operation function Fixed value operation, program operation, quick auto stop, auto stop, auto start, program auto start
Program mode Program operation 6 pattern selection (30 steps x 1, 15 steps x 2, 10 steps x 3), step weight function, step hold function, step skip function
Additional functions Calibration offset function, key lock function, power failure recovery mode selection function, pattern repeat function
Heater circuit control SSR drive
Sensor KK thermocouple (for temperature control, for independent overheating protector)-thermocouple
Safety device Self-diagnosis function (temperature sensor abnormality, heater disconnection, SSR short circuit, memory abnormality, internal communication abnormality, temperature input circuit abnormality,
Safety device automatic overheating prevention function), overheating prevention device, overcurrent leakage breaker
Shelf plate load Approx. 15kg / pcs.
Shelf support step number / pitch 13 steps / 30mm
Shelf plate / Shelf bracket Stainless punching metal, 2 pcs. / 4 pcs.
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 600×540×500mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 710×651×870mm
Remarks(dimensions) 162L
Power Source Single phase AC100V 14A
Breaker capacity and power supply equipment capacity 15A
Weight 63kg

Maintenance and warranty

Conditions: temperature and humidity: 23 deg.C+/-5 deg.C, 65%RH+/-20% (no load)
External dimensions do not include protrusions.



Optional items

Stand (ON61)
Stainless punching metal shelf
Stacking support (OD60)
Cable port (25mm Dia.)
Cable port (50mm Dia.)
Seismic isolation rubber
External communication adaptor (RS485-USB) (OA017)

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