Cooling water circulator (Inverter control)

CIW Series

CIW1100 Product Code : 200000

Main Specifications


Product Code Model Circulation Method Cooling Method Temperature Control Range Operating Temperature Range Temp. Adjustment Accuracy/Temp. Fluctuation Temperature Display Unit Cooling Capacity External Circulation Flow Rate/Pump Max. Lift Water Tank Material Water Tank Dimension Water Tank Capacity Exterior Material Refrigerator Heater Temperature Sensor Circulation Pump Circulation System Material Condenser External Circulation Nozzle Water Supply Nozzle (for cooling water) Water Supply Facility Safety Countermeasures Other Function External dimensions(W×D×H mm) Power supply Weight Price
200000 CIW1100 External closed system circulation Water-cooled type 0 - 80℃ (Operation of entire freezer) 5 - 35℃ ±0.1℃ (JTM K05)/ 0.6℃ at 20℃ (JIS) 0.1℃ Approx. 3,200W (at Liquid Temp. 20 °C, Room Temp. 23℃, Water Supply Temp. 20℃) Approx. 19/22ℓ/min / Approx. 14.5/20.5m (50/60Hz) SUS304 W170 × D370 × H360mm Approx. 17L Chrome-free electrogalvanized steel plate, Chemical resistance coating Swing Type Compressor (Inverter control) / R410A 3,200W Pt100Ω(Temp. control), T thermocouple (Water temp., Evaporation temp.), K thermocouple (Overheat) 180/216W Stainless steel joint, Ethylene propylene hose Plate type heat exchanger / SUS316 Nozzle is option, Rc1/2 - Temp.: 10-33℃, 15L/min or more, Water Pressure: 3 to 7kg/cm2 Temp. sensor error, Liquid temp. upper/lower limit error, Over current electrical leakage breaker, Refrigerator high pressure, Refrigerator refrigerating protecting timer, Refrigerator over load, Float switch, Supply water pressure, Refrigerator overload reducing operation, Independent overheat prevention device External communication terminal (RS485), Water bath filter, Over flow / Drain cock, Calibration off-set, Auto start, Auto stop, Display the amount of Power consumption, Integration time 420×650×1021mm AC220V
Single-phase with step down transformer
95kg -