Water bath (High precision constant temp., Thermo elite series)

High Precision Water bath (BH302)

BH302 Product Code : 222047

Main Specifications


Product Code Model Circulation Type Operating Temp. Range Temp. Adjustment Accuracy Temp. Indication Unit Cooling capacity Refrigerator/Coolant Pump Max. Flow (50/60Hz) Pump Max. Lift (50/60Hz) Heater Surrounding Operation Temp. Range Temp. Control System Temp. Setting/Display Temp. Sensor Timer Operation Function Safety Countermeasures Other Function Water Bath Dimension Water Bath Capacity Accessories External dimensions(W×D×H mm) Power supply Weight Price
222047 BH302 Water Jet Pump Circulation (Closed System Circulation) -20deg.C to 80deg.C ±0.02deg.C JTM K05 (at 20 deg.C) ±0.05deg.C JIS ( at 20 deg.C) 0.1deg.C Approx. 360W (310 kcal/h) at 20deg.C Air-cooled type, 300W/ R404A 14/15L/min. 2.8/3.4m 900W 5 to 30deg.C PID Control by Microprocessor Digital Setting, LED Display Pt Sensor, Pt100Ω A-class (for Temp. Control)+ K-thermocouple (for Overheat Prevention) Double Sensor 1min. to 99hrs. 59min., 100 to 9999hrs.Timer/Time Swithable Function Fixed Temp. Operation, Automatic Stop/Start Operation at Setting Time, Program Operation (Max. 99 steps, Repeating, Gradient Operation), Programming Automatic Start Operation Electric Leakage Breaker for Over Current Protection, Refrigerator overload relay, Refrigerator pressure detection, Float switch, Delay timer function for refrigerator protection, Automatic Overheat Prevention, Independent Overheating Prevention Drain Cock, Condenser filter, RS485 Communication Function, Temp. Output Terminal, Alarm Output Terminal, Calibration Off Set Function. W296x D501 x H200mm 30L (liquid volume approx. 20L) External circulation hose nipple (PS1/2- φ14) 2 pcs , Drain hose 1 pc 386×590×1135mm AC115V/AC220V
Single-phase with step down transformer
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