Shaking water bath

Shaking Incubator (BT220)

BT220 Product Code : 221135

Main Specifications


Product Code Model Shaking stroke Number of containers stored Controller Stirrer Heater Safety functions Operating temp. range Temp. adjustment accuracy Temp. distribution accuracy Temp. rising time Shaker motor Shaking rpm setting Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) External dimensions(W×D×H mm) Power supply Weight
221135 BT220 20 mm Test tube: 16.5 dia. x 72 Flask: 100 mL x 5, 200 mL x 4, 300 mL x 3, 500 mL x 1 PID digital setting/display Fixed operation, timer operation (auto stop, quick auto stop, auto start) Water jet stirring, induction motor 1.2 kW Copper pipe nickel plated Automatic heating, sensor disconnection, over current electric leakage breaker, no-liquid heating prevention float switch Room temp.+5 to 80 deg.C ±0.05 deg.C (at 40 deg.C) ±0.1 deg.C (at 40 deg.C) Approx. 40 min (from 23deg.C to 80deg.C) Geared motor, 25W Analogue setting/scale display No-step speed control: 20 to 160/min 224×328×200mm 280×459×450mm AC115V/AC220V
Single-phase with step down transformer