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Shaking Water Bath Incubator BT200

Item Code : 221133
Model : BT200

Left side BT100 right side BT200

Shaking rack test tube (Φ 16.5) 169 pieces

Option: Example of top cover installation

Shaking Water Bath Incubator (BT200)

Product Summary

The BT units are constant temperature water baths that shake. They feature an easy-to-use and flexible inner tank and integrated vibrating design. They also incorporate a thermostat that enables fixed operation and comprehensive safety features.

Features of Shaking Water Bath Incubator (BT200)

The vibration range varies extends from 10 to 40mm and can be freely changed, while the oscillation frequency ranges from 20 to 160 times per minute, allowing for non-incremental speed transition. settings are input using a controller with a digital display.
Settings for the temperature and timer can be easily input using the up and down keys, and the settings appear on a digital display.



Item Code 221133
Model BT200
Method Reciprocating shaking system, Stirring by pump
Operating temp. range Room temp. +5°C to 80°C(when top cover is installed)
Temperature control accuracy ±0.02°C to 0.08°C
Temperature distribution accuracy ±0.1°C
Temperature rising time Approx. 70 min.
Shaking frequency 20 to 160 times/min
Shaking width 10 to 40mm (adjustable)
Material (Interior) Stainless steel
Temp. Controller PID control by microprocessor
Temp. Sensor Pt resistance thermometer + K thermocouple (double sensor)
Temp setting/display method Digital setting
Overheat protector ON/OFF control by microprocessor
Overheat protect setting method Digital setting
Heater Copper pipe heater (nickel plated) 1.9kW
Stirring System Magnet pump 10W
Shaker Gear motor 40W
Shaking speed setting system Analog setting
Timer 1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min. Digital display, Quick automatic start/stop
Safety countermeasures Self-diagnosis function(Heater defective, Sensor defective, SSR short circuit and Overheat protector)
Safety countermeasures over current, short circuit breaker, Heater no-load operation prevention device and overheat protector.
Container flame number, Test tube Dia : 16.5mm, Length : 150 to 200mm(JIS) 169 pcs.
Flask Round, Erlenmeyer flask 100/300/500ml, 16/9/6pcs.
Shaking Rack (Dimensions W×D×Hmm) 1 pc. 290×290×170
Spring Pitch 20mm (both length and width)
Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm) 372×350×250mm
External dimensions(W×D×H mm) 649×414×325mm
Remarks(dimensions) Internal capacity  23L(When the water is full)
Power Source AC220V
Single phase with step-down transformer
Weight 40kg

Maintenance and warranty

External dimensions do not include protrusions.


Optional items

Lid for BT200 (BT200)

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