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 WP25 has been discontinued

  • Steady suction capacity.
  • Energy-saving type not requiring a water supply.
  • Quiet operation generating little noise.
  • Highly chemical resistant and durable.
  • Simple design without any projecting parts assuring safe operation.
Durable and adapt to decompress small system.
With the WP15 and WP25 the aspirator and water tank can be separated, so that ice or immersion type coolers can be inserted, and maintenance and inspection is simple.

15 25
Ultimate Vacuum
2.3kpa (at20deg.C)
Free Air Displacement
11 to 13 L/min.
Water Tank
Polypropylene 10 L Stainless Steel 10 L

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Model WP15 WP25
Ultimate vacuum Corresponds to steam pressure at operating temperature
10deg.C 1.2kPa(9.2Torr),
20deg.C 2.3kPa(17.5Torr)
30deg.C 4.2kPa(31.8Torr)
Free air displacement 50Hz : 11 to 13L/min×2, 60Hz : 12 to 14L/min×2
Aspirator Metal aspirator : 2 pcs.
Suction port Outer diameter : 12mm
Water tank Polypropylene resin
Capacity : 10L
Stainless steel
Capacity : 10L

Circulation pump

80W self-suction system
Material : Polypropylene resin and stainless steel
Vacuum regulator Installable (optional accessory)
Drainage Free drainage by overflow
External dimensions 360×250×360 (W×D×Hmm)
Power source 100V 50/60Hz, single phase, 3.0/3.5A
220V 50/60Hz, single phase, 1.4/1.6A
Weight Approx. 9 kg

Approx. 10 kg

Use example
* An any vacuum can be set by use of an easy-to-install vacuum regulator.

Optional items
Description Model No. Product Code
Vacuum regulator (with gauge) WP15/25 242491
Cart  WP15/25 242493
Water tank (Stainless steel) OWP15 242496
Fitted with vacuum regulator and flatcar.