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Rotary Evaporator

Economy type of easy-to-use, equipped with a large bath.
The RE200 series are rotary evaporators which have heightened further operability by adopting variable rotary joint, pulling-out device for evaporating flask, etc.
200A 200B 200C
Standard Diagonal Vertical Refrigerant
Evaporating/Receiving Flask
1.0 L
Rotational number control range
20 to 180 rpm
Temp.Range (Water Bath)
Room Temp. +5deg.C to 95deg.C

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Model RE200 (Rotary Evaporator)
Rotational number control range 20 to 180rpm
Drive system Worm gear system
Motor Induction motor, 25W
Ambient temperature range 5deg.C to 35deg.C
Other supplemental system Movable rotary joint / Distilling flask removal system
External dimensions(W×D×Hmm) Approx. 420×290×837
Weight Approx. 11 kg
Power source 50/60Hz
(Included Water bath)
AC 100V / 220V single phase, 13A / 6A
Model BM200 (Water Bath)
Temperature range Ambient 5deg.C to 95deg.C
Temperature setting Analog setting
Bath capacity 7.0 litter, 250(Dia.)×150(D)mm

The arm-jack permits of the setting at any given place.
Due to the variable rotary joint, the fixing part of rotary joint can be changed. Evaporating flasks are pulled out easily due to the pull-out structure for remaining flasks. The plastic removable hose connection for water cooling hose (O.D.9.8mm).
The rotation control device can be fixed at the upper part. The speed can be changed freely with a single adjustment of the knob. Capacity of the large water bath is 7L.

Custom Selection Chart
Model Glassware Water Bath Stand
  A B C BM200 Arm Jack JK200
RE200A *        
RE200A-J *       *
RE200A-W *     *  
RE200A-WJ *     * *
RE200B   *      
RE200B-J   *     *
RE200B-W   *   *  
RE200B-WJ   *   * *
RE200C     *    
RE200C-J     *   *
RE200C-W     * *  
RE200C-WJ     * * *

Glass Parts
Condenser for A-type Condenser for B-type Condenser for C-type Sample feed tube
(for B & C type)
Receiving flask of 1L Evaporating flask of 1L Condenser connector
(for B and C type)
Rotary joint
(for A, B & C type)

Optional Accessories
Evaporating flask
2000ml, 500ml, 300ml,
200ml, 100ml
(TS 29/42 opaque
& frosted)
Receiving flask
2000ml, 500ml, 300ml,
TS 29/42 to TS 29/38,
TS 29/42 to TS 24/40,
TS 29/42 to TS 19/38,
TS 29/42 to TS 15/25,
TS 24/40 to TS 24/40,
(opaque & frosted)
Trap ball
TS 29/42 to TS 29/42,
TS 24/40 to TS 29/42,
TS 24/40 to TS 29/42,
(opaque & frosted)
Aspirator, "Handy Aspirator" Solvent Recovery Unit
Durable and adapt to decompress small system. This device extracts the organic solvent substances from gas generated by a rotary evaporator during concentration work, and prevents the discharge of dangerous matter.