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Labo Cube Low-profile Cooling Water Circulator

Low-floor lab cube cooling circulator with two circulation systems. Possible to install under the fume hood or sink.
The product stably supplies low temperature water to the sealed piping of various research devices, analysis and measuring devices with a refrigerator and a circulation pump.

Operating Temp. Range
-20 deg.C to room temp.
Cooling Capacity
940W (at liquid temp.: 10 deg.C)
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  • Non-Freon refrigerant R404A that conforms to the regulations on specific Freon.
  • Settings and display is made digitally on the operation part, which also has a timer function.
  • The circulation water flow adjusting cock, the discharge cock, and an overflow discharge port, an over current electric leakage breaker is located on the front of the unit and thus enable easy operation.

Model CF820
System External sealed circulation
Operating temp. range -20 deg.C to room temp.
Temp. adjustment accuracy +/-1.5deg.C (JTM K05/JIS )  at 10deg.C
Cooling capacity Approx. 940W ( 810 Kcal/h) at liquid temp: 10 deg.C 
Approx. 820W (706 Kcal/h) at liquid temp 0 deg.C
Approx. 710W (612 Kcal/h) at liquid temp: -10 deg.C
Temperature control Refrigerator ON-OFF control
Temperature sensor T-thermocouple (with SUS protective tube)
Temp. and time setting Digital setting and display
Refrigerator/coolant Air-cooled 600W  R404A
Circulation pump With a magnet pump 127W
Unit circulation
Max. flow
(pump capacity)
9.2/10.8L/min (30 L/min)
(50/60 Hz)
Max. lift 9.6 /13.3m (10.3/14.3m)
(50/60 Hz)
Heat exchanger Blazing plate SUS316
External Circulation Nozzle O.D. 10.5mm (SUS, 2 for each of I/O, with a stop valve)
Operating environment
temp. range
5 - 35deg.C
Safety functions Over current electrical leakage breaker, refrigerator over load relay,
pump thermal protector, delay timer for protecting refrigerator,
H bypass for protecting pump
Other functions Drain valve (O.D. 10.5), overflow (O.D. 10.5), dust filter, key lock,
calibration, power failure compensation, settlement function. 
Interior tank Stainless, approx. 6.5L(liquid volume 6L) with overflow
Power source  AC100V 50/60Hz, 9.8/9.3A  (15A)
External dimensions W570 x D440 x H600
Weight Approx. 60kg
Accessories Top cover, drain hose, circulation hose 1.5m x 4pcs, overflow hose, wire clamp 4pcs

Control panel Circulation hose connecting port

Example system configuration

Cooling curve

Flow/lift curve

Optional items
Description Product Code
Circulation heat insulation hose
( high insulation type, I.D., 6mm, 2m X 2)
Circulation heat insulation hose (I.D.. 9, 2mm X 2) 221581
Circulation heat insulation hose
( high insulation type, I.D. 9mm, 2m X 2)
Hose nipple (O.D., 8mm Rc3/8) 221596
Hose nipple (O.D., 10.5mm Rc3/8) 221394
Hose nipple (O.D., 13mm Rc3/8) 221399
Hose nipple (O.D., 16mm Rc3/8) 221395

Heat insulation hose (optional part) Dimensional drawing (mm)