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HOMESystem Integration Service
System Integration Service for Overseas

When you are going to construct the new or expansion factories in overseas, you may face a great number of complicate processes from planning to completion. Moreover the technical expertise should be necessary to operate and adjust the delicate and precise instruments for R&D and QA/QC.*

At first our business terms "Full Turn Key Services "are explained so that you can acquire our playing roles in your overseas business, then we submit you the detail plans based on the status and circumstances in the concerned country.

*Full Turn Key Services

  • Instrument Selection: Investigate the possibility of the local procurement--- whether the maintenance services for the instruments are available or the instruments with maintenances are available.
  • Layout: Layout plane of instruments for laboratory room and manufacturing lines.
  • Procurement: We act as one-stop supplier of concerned instruments including "Yamato" brand and other brand instruments on behalf of you.
  • Inspection: Inspect all instruments procured in Japan, in respects of specifications, quantities and appearance.

  • Export Works: Export packing, customs clearance, shipment, marine/air transportation and insurance
  • Import Works in Unloading Country: Supports to customs clearance (Making the support documents, witness at import inspection)
  • Local Transportation, DeliveryInstallation: Transportation, unpacking, delivery upto the local site and the installation of instruments in room
  • Engineering Works: Water supply and drain, electricity, and gases...other utility connection works.

  • Commissioning and Adjustment of Instruments: Performed by the supervisors dispatched by us .
  • Training: Instrument operation and treatment
  • After-Sales Services: Maintenances and repairs by the nearest distributors and agents

*System Integration Services

  • Instrument Selection and Layout
  • Procurement
  • Inspection
  • Field Survey at site
  • Export Works (application / permission)
  • Import Works in Unloading Country
  • Local Transportation / Delivery / Rough Layout
  • Local Installation / Connection Works
  • Commissioning / Operation/Adjustment
  • Training
  • After-Sales Services(including Yamato and other brand instruments)


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